The female body is, well, pretty brilliant actually. Yes, including yours! Your body making, birthing, feeding, loving a new human being – having a baby might be the biggest ‘normal’ thing in every woman’s life. As a doula, it is my honour to offer you my non-medical services Noord-Holland.

As your doula, i will offer you my unconditional support before, during and after birth. I will help you to get all the information you need to make the choices that suit you, so you can give birth with confidence and strength. Research shows that having a doula contributes to more self-confidence, less complications and interventions, less need for medicinal pain relief during birth and less ‘baby blues’ in the early weeks.

As your doula, I will be: 

  • Your personal guide in laborland, explaining your options and choices and listening to what you need to make your birth a positive experience. If needed, i will accompany you to your care provider when you talk about your personal birthplan.

  • Your masseuse; i will give you a relaxing, full body massage to help you get out of your head and into your body. A massage will invite you to feel, really feel, what your body is telling you and get in tough with your inner voice.

  • Prepping you and your partner for some first class teamwork during the birth of your baby; i will you all the tips and tricks to make it an experience that will deepen the bond you have. A positive birth experience will lay the foundation to parenthood – it will give you strength and confidence.

  • From 38 weeks pregnancy, i will be standby 24/7 and available when labour starts. During your birth, i will stand by your side and provide the support you need. With me by your side, you will never feel alone.

  • Available in the early weeks with your baby to give emotional and practical support when needed.

This service is available for 1500 euros.
I offer extensive birth preparation without continuous support during birth for 600 euros.
Please check your insurance for reimbursement options.

Please get in touch to find out what i can do to support you!